Pixel Combat Mod APK 4.1.15 (Unlocked)
Pixel Combat Mod APK 4.1.15 (Unlocked)

Pixel Combat Mod APK 4.1.15 (Unlocked)

By HN - May 9, 2022
Name Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike
Version 4.1.15
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 226MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher GS Games Studio
Update May 9, 2022 (2 months ago )

Get ready for a thrilling battle in the action game Pixel Combat Mod. This is a game built in the shooting style. Unleash fierce battles in a large room. The content of the game is inspired by the Zombie theme. With the onslaught of those who brought death. You have no choice but to fight to survive. Survive in the room with the appearance of a large number of Zombies. In particular, unlike other shooting action games. The game’s graphics are used by publisher GS Games Studio in the form of 3D Pixel. Along with many other features waiting to be discovered. The diverse weapon system, with unique combat tools. Helping you freely choose to equip yourself.

Download Pixel Combat Mod – Zombie Battle Takes Place In A Large Room

The Zombie War of the Pixel Combat Mod game takes place in a large room. With the appearance of a large number of Pixel zombies. They will rush to attack as soon as you appear. Besides fighting to survive, as well as protecting yourself, you have no other choice. Only by killing all enemies can you survive. Use the equipped gun for ranged attacks. Or use simple weapons for melee attacks. Depends on your own fighting style. Just like the battle situation. Using the right weapon will be highly effective. Go through the process of fighting, after the battle is over. Will receive rewards including money and items for development. It is also possible to start a new battle, by moving to open the door.Pixel Combat Mod

Search for support items, strategies

Before starting the fight in Pixel Combat Mod. You will have a short time to find support items. Move into mysterious areas to collect first aid boxes. When the amount of health is reduced by the attack of the zombies. Can be used to restore health, and continue to fight to perform missions. During the battle. Based on the open gameplay, can freely move and perform a variety of activities. To kill the Zombies, complete the quest. You need to deploy an attack strategy. For example, a combination of both moving and firing. Shoot accurately at enemies to quickly finish them off. Shoot down each zombie in turn to destroy them all. From there it is possible to end the battle to get closer to your goal.Ear Pixel Combat Mod

Face a variety of zombie enemies and bosses

In the large room of Pixel Combat Mod. As a gunman, you will face many different Zombies. For example, zombies police, ninjas, ordinary people, doctors, … Each type of Zombie has its own ability. The unexpected appearance makes you very difficult to detect. For example, a Zombie ninja will appear suddenly from behind. Or the civilian zombies will rush over. Moreover, sometimes you have to deal with boss Zombies. He possesses abilities that surpass ordinary zombies. Very difficult to defeat, because of the large amount of health, durable defense. To take down all enemies, survive in the room. You need to constantly improve your fighting skills. Equip many powerful weapons to increase attack ability.Download Pixel Combat Mod

Various weapon systems

To diversify the fighting style when participating in Pixel Combat Mod. The publisher provides a diverse weapon system. Divided into two types, including melee and ranged weapons. For example, some melee weapons such as swords, axes, wrenches, knives, etc. For long-range assault weapons, you will be able to use many different types of guns. Including sniper rifles, rifles, pistols, rotating machine guns,… Moreover, grenades can also be used to create an explosion in a large range. With the ability to deal massive damage. Each weapon has its own pros and cons. You need to learn to use it properly in battle. For example, when the zombies appear concentrated near each other. Quickly throwing a grenade will cause all Zombies to lose health, even lose their lives.Game Pixel Combat Mod

As introduced earlier, the graphics of Pixel Combat Mod are not like other action shooter games. Instead of being recreated in the real world. Here, the graphics are used again in the 3D Pixel style. Brings you a whole new experience. Shape the zombies in many different unique styles. Along with the environment, the scene is simulated impressively. Mixed combat affects every time you fire or move. Combines a first-person perspective, with a wide field of view. Along with that, the sound quality is lively. Be flexible to change to suit the activities taking place.

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