Punch Hero Mod APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)
Punch Hero Mod APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Punch Hero Mod APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - May 19, 2022
Name LMHMOD Punch Hero
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher GAMEVIL
Size 27MB
Version 1.3.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 19, 2022 (6 months ago )

Inspired by boxing competitions around the world. The Punch Hero Mod game has been released on the market. Open exciting matches taking place in 1vs1 style. Revolving around boxers competing in the ring to compete. The goal is to find the winner after intense rounds. Join the game, you will play the role of a boxer. Compete against opponents in competitions. In front of a large audience. Beat your opponent with the skill to win. Here, the game is added many boxing features. With unique equipment, competition equipment, and costumes. Especially can customize the character interface according to your own style. Along with an intuitively designed control system. Use multiple operations to perform.

Download Punch Hero Mod – Competitive Competition Between Boxers

Before starting the match in the game Punch Hero Mod. You can choose to represent a competing country. At the same time, the system will guide you in detail about the control operations. Use the virtual joystick in the form of arrows to dodge left and right. Combine tap for straight punch, swipe left and right for horizontal punch. Or swipe from bottom to top to punch right and left hooks. There are a number of other attack operations that will be guided when participating. Overall, the console is not overly complicated. But for flexible control will need a short period of time. More specifically, going through matches in the ring. You can also upgrade attack skills to increase strength. Can generate more damage after upgrading. Causes opponents to suffer powerful boxing blows.Punch Hero Mod

Customize character, equipment

Coming to Punch Hero Mod, you can also change the character’s interface. Through selected equipment. Helps you create a boxer in personal style. At the same time, the equipment also has its own power parameters. When used will increase the stats of the boxer. Includes gloves, pants, outfit, shoes, fashion glasses, hairstyle, and face. Each category has many different options for you to customize. For example, faces are shown through emotions. If you like a happy, sociable or angry boxer, you can choose. Or an outfit with many unique design styles. For example, Egyptian armor, rugby player,… Pirate-style boxing gloves, ironman,… However, choosing any equipment is necessary. must use the money to unlock.Game Punch Hero Mod

Real-time, half-time match

Based on the real-time gameplay of the game Punch Hero Mod. Each match is divided into 3 halves. The duration of each round is 60 seconds. Two boxers will compete against each other in the ring. Use boxing skills to attack. The goal is to beat the opponent before time runs out. Continue the match in the next inning. Repeat this until 3 rounds are completed. End of the competition, based on the achievement achieved. The system will determine the winner and loser by the parameters of each boxer. After you win against the opponent will get a bonus. You can then continue to the new contest. Get a chance to meet other boxers. Their skills and experience were superior to before. Makes you hard to beat. At the same time, the reward received will increase.Tai Punch Hero Mod

Boxing skills

The competition between two boxers in Punch Hero Mod is very dramatic. Because not only have to race against time. But they also aim to win. Along with the enthusiastic support of the fans. Increases the tempo of the game. To defeat opponents with boxing skills. Requires your quick observation to accurately judge attacks. Dodge flexibility to limit blood loss. At the same time, constantly improve skills with each match. Launch dangerous and precise attacks to make the opponent lose blood. Combine defense in an unavoidable situation. Try to focus on fighting, and maintain the best state until the end of the competition. Achieve excellent results, and prove yourself as a professional boxer.Punch Hero Mod APK

The boxing game of the publisher GAMEVIL is impressively recreated. Using cartoon-style graphics, helps the game Punch Hero Mod make a difference. Vivid picture quality, with a combination of bright color systems. The scene takes place in an arena. With the appearance of two boxers on the stage and the audience watching around. Along with that, the sound is expressed through the attacks. Mixed with enthusiastic cheers and cheers from the fans.

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