Rebel Racing Mod APK 2.90.17445 (Menu, Disable Opponents)
Rebel Racing Mod APK 2.90.17445 (Menu, Disable Opponents)

Rebel Racing Mod APK 2.90.17445 (Menu, Disable Opponents)

By HN - May 6, 2022
Name Rebel Racing
Version 2.90.17445
MOD Features Menu, Disable Opponents
Size 350MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Hutch Games
Update May 6, 2022 (2 months ago )

Get ready to compete with other professional racers in the racing game Rebel Racing Mod. This is a game inspired by the street racing theme. Considered a new breath in the racing game genre. Opening dramatic races in the United States. Become a racer, with the task of driving your car. Compete with other players around the world. The game is designed with a lot of attractive features. To improve the experience for players when participating. Owning a diverse racing car system, including many different types of cars. Especially can be customized according to your own style. Along with that is the graphics system. Built very realistically, reproduce sharp image quality. Mixed lively sound, flexibly changed.

Download Rebel Racing Mod – Competition Between Racers In America

Rebel Racing Mod races are held in real-time. Each race unfolds on a large map. With the competition of racers from many parts of the world. Be one of the riders participating in the tournament. You will compete with other racers to find the winner. Through the achievement of reaching the finish line with the leading position. The rewards received after each race ends are represented by the ranking position. With different scores, including pass, drift, draft, and broadcast. From there will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved. Soon it is possible to start a new race. Have the opportunity to compete with more professional riders. They possess driving experience and flexible control skills.Ear Rebel Racing Mod

Gameplay, explore the racing map

Throughout the time of racing in the United States in Rebel Racing Mod. The racers are extremely competitive and fierce. They do not hesitate to press the opponent to overcome. This makes accidents happen more often. Along with that, you can perform drift skills when entering the bend. Or use nitro to speed up for a short amount of time. Help race cars increase their maximum speed to overtake opponents or leave them behind. Going through each race, you will have the opportunity to explore many racing maps of America. For example, a racetrack on a beautiful coast, a bustling city center, or in a large forest. Each map is designed with complex terrain. Therefore, remembering the terrain to know the roads will give you an advantage against your opponents.Download Rebel Racing Mod

Your driving skills

To be the first to reach the finish line in the race of Rebel Racing Mod. Besides the performance of the car. Skill is one of the main factors that directly determine the outcome of the race. Therefore, you need to constantly work to improve your skills. In a third-person view from the rear, it combines agile driving and agile observation. Sometimes will have to pinch to not let the opponent pass. In parallel with that, combined with the use of nitro when necessary. For example, when you are about to reach the finish line, use nitro to increase your maximum speed. Make sure no competitor passes for excellent results. From time to time, to compete with professional racers in the world. Need to improve the experience, as well as upgrade racing cars to be more efficient.Game Rebel Racing Mod

Lots of different racing cars

Owning a diverse racing car system, including many different cars. They are all taken from models of famous brands. Typically like Ford Mustang, Mercedes, Porsche, Mc Laren,… Rebel Racing Mod also provides many other racing cars for you to experience. Each racing car is designed based on reality. From the exterior design to the color, with the brand logo. The performance of the cars is shown through the parameters. Including power, control, traction, and nitro duration. However, to own the favorite racing cars. You will have to use the bonuses accumulated from previous races. Trade through the game’s store to unlock.Rebel Racing Mod

After owning a favorite racing car. You can personalize it to your own style. With 3 different customizations provided by Rebel Racing Mod. Includes decals, exterior colors, and tires. Each type of customization has a lot of different options. For example, decals with stickers will help race cars stand out and be different. However, the same goes for buying a car. Options to design racing cars will require the use of money. Depends on the type of option unlocked. It will be necessary to spend the corresponding amount to be able to design.

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