Red Ball 4 Mod APK 1.4.21 (Premium, Unlocked)
Red Ball 4 Mod APK 1.4.21 (Premium, Unlocked)

Red Ball 4 Mod APK 1.4.21 (Premium, Unlocked)

By TT - June 6, 2022
Name LMHMOD Red Ball 4
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Size 53MB
Version 1.4.21
MOD Features Premium, Unlocked
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Update June 6, 2022 (6 months ago )

Jump right into Red Ball 4 and test your wits with over 75 fun puzzle levels. You will accompany the red ball and save the world from the obnoxious block. But before completing this noble mission, get ready to face a series of difficult challenges. Each level is a series of challenges, which are voids, crates, spikes, explosives, and more. Besides, each level will lead you to different map terrains. You can’t seem to memorize the terrain to conquer the challenges. So the thing to do is train your agility and acumen to overcome any situation. Don’t miss the stars in each level to complete the mission with the maximum score. Are you ready to do this now? (The Toan)

Download Red Ball 4 Mod – The reluctant adventure of the red ball

The game opens with a red alert, prompting you to rush right into the adorable red ball’s adventure. An obnoxious square is plotting to turn all red balls into squares with a sad face. Even worse, he also wanted to turn the whole earth into a square. Unable to let that happen, the red ball decides to find the ruler of the square and destroy the enemy. And you will be his companion. Get ready for this fun and addictive ride. The gameplay is simple but the tough challenges will crush your optimism. Jump, roll, and more to overcome challenges and conquer levels with amazing scores.


Explore dozens of fun levels

Basically, the game consists of a level system from easy to difficult. Initially, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with simple challenges to learn how to deal with different situations. But don’t think that things will be so simple at later levels. A series of challenges will make your journey more dramatic and exciting than ever. Your goal at each level is to overcome the obstacles to reach the end of the road. At the same time, you have to collect stars and destroy obnoxious squares along the way. To do that, you need to master the controls. You will have to jump over gaps, roll on wooden crates, walk slowly through stamping machines, and more. Each type of situation will require a different approach. And you need quick reflexes to get through them all.

When unlocking new levels, the challenge will be leveled up. More obstacles will appear and with many times more dangerous levels. However, the reward for you is also commensurate with the effort. You can collect more stars to unlock new levels and own unique skins. Moreover, the feeling of conquering each level really inspires every gamer. The more difficult, the more fun. That is the principle that creates the appeal of Red Ball 4 Mod.


Unlock new maps and terrains

After each level, you will have to collect golden keys to unlock new journeys. It leads you to many new maps with different terrain types. Each level will bring different challenges thanks to the changing terrain, obstacles, and dangerous levels of challenges. Therefore, the further you go, the more opportunities you will have to discover all the interesting things in this game. The block leader has sent a series of his soldiers to guard you everywhere. Get ready to confront them with your cunning, not weapons or magic.

Besides, your score will be saved and help players evaluate their level. On the leaderboard, you can know your position compared to other players. Use that as motivation to keep playing. A series of challenges will make you unable to ignore, especially the giant Bosses. Overcome them using a wooden crate, or simply jump over enemies, crush them with a bomb, and more.


Simple design, playful sound

As a fun game, the game’s graphic design also contributes to the humorous atmosphere. It offers pretty simple images, just colorful balls and square blocks with angry faces. But the design of maps and topography is extremely rich. Each level will have different types of obstacle arrangements. Moreover, the game context also changes flexibly, from green forest to dungeon, underground and more. The sound is downright fun and vibrant, making your journey truly addictive.


All in all, Red Ball 4 Mod is a pretty interesting arcade title. It is simple but addictive, sophisticated, and extremely attractive. You will have the opportunity to discover a series of challenges in more than 75 game levels. Each level is a sequence of dangers that you cannot foresee. Use the red ball’s jumping, rolling, and more skills to help him get through them all. Your goal is to get to the end, find the key, and open new levels.

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