Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK 1.34.1 (Weak Opponent)
Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK 1.34.1 (Weak Opponent)

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK 1.34.1 (Weak Opponent)

By TT - July 1, 2022
Name Rival Stars Horse Racing
Version 1.34.1
MOD Features Weak Opponent
Size 77MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Sport
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher PIKPOK
Update July 1, 2022 (3 days ago )

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod is a great simulation game for fans of horse racing. It is a playground for you to show your horse racing talents as well as the strategy of building and developing a horse farm. The game gives you many races around the world to participate in. From professional stadiums to vast and colorful fields are available. What racing style do you like? Choose your favorite model and map for horse racing and enjoy the excitement like car racing games. Moreover, you actually own a large farm to raise a herd of horses. Feed them, breed, and evolve into true warriors on your track. Don’t drop the upgrades to make them stronger and faster.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod – Horse racing gameplay

Horse racing is simulated vividly in Rival Stars Horse Racing. It promises to bring moments of great relaxation with bustling racetracks and peaceful horse farms. Two opposite but always parallel aspects of your experience. You will raise horses, train, and enjoy some light time on your farm. But don’t miss the hot race tracks around the world. You can participate in the storied race or fierce competitions with real opponents around the globe. You can see the online leaderboards are always exciting. Where will you stand on that achievement table?


Join exciting races

The game gives you many modes to enjoy different styles of horse racing. If you are a new player, you will probably love the Training mode. That’s where you don’t care about speed, position, or achievement. Simply race freely, explore the challenges available on the track and practice your horse racing skills. When you’re ready, you have many new options to explore. Those can be race tracks in story mode or PvP mode. Your mission is to complete the race tracks to unlock new and more exciting challenges over time in story mode. Meanwhile, if you race in real-time mode, your opponents will be real rivals. They are much more unpredictable than their AI opponents.

Either way, you’ll have a truly immersive horse racing experience. Third-person shots give you a complete view of yourself and your horse’s super cool performances. Every movement is very smooth and the effects and sound are excellent. As a result, every race is a professional performance that you cannot ignore. As for how to control the horse, it’s pretty simple. You need to pay attention to the virtual keys on the screen, including Slow and Sprint. You will need to use a combination of these two skills depending on the race situation to gain an advantage over your opponent.


Grow your horse farm

Besides the races, Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod is also a fun farm simulation experience. It allows you to start a horse empire from a small farm inherited from your grandfather. But it is not as beautiful as it was at first, you need to start repairing and upgrading it. Unlock new areas, add barns, training areas, and more to grow your horse farm over time. Besides, you will need to unlock more horses, hire more workers, and complete upgrade quests.

New horses can be unlocked in the shop or through spawn mode. You will transplant two breeds of horses together to produce a foal possessing the characteristics of the parents. Your task is to take care of it to grow and develop into a real race fighter. But you need to upgrade it regularly to improve speed, sprint energy, and acceleration. Besides, bring the ponies into training mode. They need to be trained as soon as they are physically and mentally fit.


Vivid and realistic 3D design

The game is simulated on a 3D graphics platform. So it delivers stunning and lifelike images. In particular, the images of the horses look very realistic and bring the temperament of a real warrior on the track. The backgrounds of the track, fields, farms, and more are also very realistic. Besides, on the track, you can enjoy great effects from the stands, the track, and the music.


Satisfy your passion for horse racing in Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod. It is a great playground for horse racing in the most famous races on the planet. Furthermore, you can discover dozens of different horse breeds with unique looks and powers. Don’t miss the chance to ride them and take the top 1 spot on the leaderboard. Or you can breed new horse breeds to develop your dream horse farm.

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