ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod APK 4.12.0 (Unlocked)
ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod APK 4.12.0 (Unlocked)

ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod APK 4.12.0 (Unlocked)

By TT - November 30, 2022
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Size 80MB
Version 4.12.0
MOD Features Unlocked
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Update November 30, 2022 (9 hours ago )

ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod is an action game based on the popular MegaMan cartoon series. This time, it gives you a more immersive feeling than ever. There, you will accompany familiar heroes and embark on a new battle journey with a series of new enemies on each level. Level after level, your task is to destroy all robots and even the terrible Boss. Combine powerful skill attacks to show your hero’s strength. Each action phase comes with eye-catching effects and smooth motion, making it impossible to ignore. Many heroes with unique skill sets are available to explore and role-play. Upgrade them to reach new power levels and enjoy even more spectacular battles.

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod – Play as hero X and other familiar characters

Perhaps many of you have seen or heard of the Megaman series. But to really immerse yourself in the fighting journey of each hero, you can only participate in ROCKMAN X DiVE. It is an epic 2D action game with a rich mission system to take you on a journey of adventure and action. You can play as heroes and enjoy their skill sets and beautiful combat. Fight, unlock levels, and constantly upgrade heroes. Your experience is expanding and deepening. Not only the battles, but many new story details will also attract you, giving you a different feeling compared to the original movies.


Join the endless battle journey

Basically, the game will include challenges from easy to difficult according to each level. You’ll start the game on the easiest level as you assume the role of hero X. You’ll need to show off your fighting skills to overcome many sporadic robots and then face off against the massive Boss at the end. If you win all, you will pass the stage and unlock new levels, and receive bonuses and some useful items. Later, the challenges will become more and more difficult, requiring the upgrade of gamers in both skills and combat experience. Besides, the upgrade for the hero is also very important to improve the strength in each skill.

As for how to control the hero, it’s nothing too complicated. You will control movement with a joystick and attack with skill buttons. Each hero will have one basic attack and two skills, plus two extra moves including jump and acceleration. Your task is to combine these skills together to create effective combos with the enemy. Pay attention, each hero’s skill will take a certain amount of time to recover. Therefore, consider using skills at the right time to maximize efficiency, creating an advantage on the battlefield.


Unlock and upgrade heroes

Initially, ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod only allows you to role-play as hero X. But later on, you can accumulate coins to unlock new heroes, such as Zero, Axl, Vile and more. Each hero possesses their own strengths, represented by stats such as an attack, control, damage range, endurance, and supportability. Besides, each hero will have their own set of skills and can unlock new skills as they level up. Therefore, gamers need to learn about each hero and their details to learn how to control the hero.

Heroes can be upgraded up to 5 stars and an unlimited number of levels. They can also be equipped with additional items to improve attack stats. Each hero can not only attack alone but can also combine with many others. If you play in co-op mode, you and your teammates can choose different heroes to fight. At that time, rely on the support index to consider character selection. Team wars will be harder, but of course, the accompanying rewards are always better.


Vivid 2D graphics, eye-catching effects

The game is designed on a high-end 2D graphics platform. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching battles on the screen. The hero system is beautifully designed and close to the original version. The hero’s movements in the fight are also very smooth. The combat effect is excellent, highlighting the powerful skill blows. The game context also changes flexibly through each level, bringing new enemies and new terrains.


All in all, ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod will not let you down with its engaging action gameplay. It gives gamers the opportunity to role-play the heroes of the time and really become them in the battles. Show off each hero’s unique skills on your way to conquering every foe. Do not hesitate to go further in the endless adventure and seek the glory at the end.

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