Rooms of Doom Mod APK 1.4.31 (Unlimited Money)
Rooms of Doom Mod APK 1.4.31 (Unlimited Money)

Rooms of Doom Mod APK 1.4.31 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - April 26, 2022
Name Rooms of Doom
Version 1.4.31
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 55MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher Yodo1 Games
Update April 26, 2022 (2 months ago )

Explore Rooms of Doom Mod and participate in the craziest science experiments. You will accompany Dr. Doom to create many strange creatures and try them on an endless race through the rooms. Those creatures are called minions and can be combined from many different species. Countless possible combinations to try, such as cat vs cat, bee vs bear, dog vs robot, and more. Make ordinary animals become different and possess unique skills. Then enjoy them in typical obstacle course levels. A series of challenges can make you stop at any time. You need fast observation and precise manipulation to pass them all, then unlock more exciting new levels. And many unique maps are also unlocked, which are new laboratories to test your superior creature.

Download Rooms of Doom Mod – Become a mad scientist

This game is considered an entertaining experience that is worth trying because it helps stimulate your creativity. Have you ever thought of becoming a scientist and breeding animals? In this game, you will actually do it. As a senior doctor with unlimited wisdom, you can create countless amazing characters, aiming to control the world. The purpose of these experiments is nothing short of nice, but downright addictive. You can really become a genius scientist with crazy inventions. Make different animals extraordinary and try them through many challenges. You have the right to eliminate the weak and keep the true warriors. At the same time, upgrade them to become even more powerful.


Breeding animals in their own way

There are no limits to your creativity. This game has tons of different species to breed. But what combination will bring great results? It depends on your experience. You can breed bears with bees, mice with rabbits, dolphins with humans, tanks with crocodiles, and more. Even watermelons, cactus, penguins, toilets, … can also become minion warriors. As long as you love their shape and the strange transformation after each breeding, you are free to do anything. Hybrid warriors will have characteristics of both parents, both in appearance and skills. So consider the amazing possibilities to create the most powerful warriors, serving the evil plot of Dr. Doom.

After breeding, players will perform tests to evaluate the ability of minion warriors. This test will consist of several rounds, each round is a challenging level. Your task is to help the hybrid creatures overcome difficult obstacles. It can be a crazy stamping machine, a lake full of crocodiles, a jogger, a fierce dog, a tank… Work quickly and accurately to overcome them all, thereby unlocking the next challenge room. The further you go, the higher the level of the minion, and the bigger the bonus. Thanks to that, these minions will be easily upgraded to improve both appearance and skills.


Unlock maps and unique skins

Your journey in Rooms of Doom Mod will become more and more unique over time. You can unlock many unique maps with dangerous obstacles to test the abilities of advanced minions. It will challenge you with new terrains. Danger can appear suddenly from all sides, or heavier weapons are used. Therefore, you will probably have to play it over and over again. But the further you go, the more bonuses you will have.

Bonuses are useful for unlocking character skins. You can give the minion new looks, turning it from a normal creature to a real warrior. Besides, you also need bonuses to perform many new breeding experiments, thereby giving birth to more unique minions.


Fun and colorful pictures

Everything in this game looks quite friendly thanks to the colorful cartoon design. The images of the minions look very cute and creative. Their movements in the game are also very smooth. The game context changes flexibly, room after room is very diverse to test the player’s talent. Moreover, the sound is always alive with the background music, plus effects from each action of the minion in the game.


In general, Rooms of Doom Mod is quite a fun game, its gameplay is very simple, so it is easy for anyone to access. Just click on the screen to breed animals, and plants and create unique hybrids. And also just click to overcome the obstacles in Dr. Doom’s labs. Join it to test your talents and discover new series of minions created by yourself.

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