Root Board Game Mod APK 1.29.2 (Unlock All)
Root Board Game Mod APK 1.29.2 (Unlock All)

Root Board Game Mod APK 1.29.2 (Unlock All)

By HN - May 27, 2022
Name LMHMOD Root Board Game
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Dire Wolf Digital
Size 66MB
Version 1.29.2
MOD Features Unlocked All
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Update May 27, 2022 (6 months ago )

Belongs to the board game genre, from the manufacturer Dire Wolf Digital. Root Board Game Mod opens a fascinating adventure. The content follows an interesting story. Revolving around the animals in the vast forest. With a diverse mission system, taking place according to the plot. Mixed between two different elements, including adventure and war. Unleash the battle for control in the jungle. The board game is adapted from digital. With a series of unique features provided by the system. The gameplay is turn-based, taking place in the style of rolling dice. There is a chance to discover a lot of cards, with different types of power. Support online game mode to be able to join with friends. Along with sound quality and vividly designed graphic effects.

Download Root Board Game Mod – War Between Animals In The Forest

The story of Root Board Game Mod unfolds in a vast forest. This place is home to many wild animals. But the Marquise de Cat’s forces took over the forest. Conspiracy to control and dominate, to become a home of their own. Under the nefarious rule of that force, many creatures could not stand it. They came together to form an alliance. The same purpose is to destroy the entire Marquise de Cat force. To overthrow the dominance of the Wild Cats. In the process, the animals wandered, with nowhere to live. Has been brought in by the alliance to increase strength. They were the ones who had hoped for a return of bird of prey domination. Create a war between beasts in the forest.Root Board Game Mod

System of tasks to perform

The gameplay of Root Board Game Mod is quite simple. You will become a commander of the Marquise de Cat forces. The mission is to prevent the alliance between the beasts. Don’t let them overthrow their dominance in the forest. To do that will have to do a lot of different things. Recruit other animals to create a team. Simultaneously move to many locations to perform missions. Strengthen your power by collecting cards. Fight with other beasts to crush the alliance. Furthermore, use the items collected from the battles. Move to locations where there are birds of prey. Time today happening. Working hard, constantly trying to complete the task. From there will gain control of the forest.Game Root Board Game Mod

Dice toss gameplay, difficulty

The battle of Root Board Game Mod takes place in the style of rolling dice. Between the conflict of the Cat forces and the alliance of beasts. Both sides will roll the dice to find a number of their own. After rushing to attack, the number of animals on each side will be killed corresponding to the number of dice. Continue rolling the next dice, one after the other, until one of the two animal factions is completely defeated. The other side will win. To gain control of the jungle, your Cat forces must take down all enemies. As the difficulty increases each time you move to the next battle. The number of alliance beasts will be larger than before. Make it difficult for you to control the forest. It is even possible to end the battle with a single roll of the dice.Ear Root Board Game Mod

Lots of animals

In the vast forest of Root Board Game Mod. There are many species of animals and wild animals living. From ferocious beasts like tigers, lions, leopards, and wolves,… To giant animals like elephants, buffalos,… Or small animals like birds, mice, chickens, and cats, … Each animal is shaped quite impressively. Owns its own unique fighting style. They allied with each other to create a team. Fight competitively for control of the jungle. Create dramatic and fierce matches. As a commander, so that the cats can rule the forest. Control other animals. You have no choice but to fight. Defeat entire groups of animals to complete the goal.Download Root Board Game Mod

In addition to the story mode of the game Root Board Game Mod. You can participate in online mode. Join other players or friends to join the battle. Compete or become a team to face other beast alliances. Go through the matches for a chance to get cards. Combine dice rolling to try your luck. Lots of different cards to be able to own. Each type of card represents an outstanding source of power. When used, it will increase the fighting ability and strength of the beasts.

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