Sausage Man Mod APK 13.19 (Unlocked)
Sausage Man Mod APK 13.19 (Unlocked)

Sausage Man Mod APK 13.19 (Unlocked)

By HN - May 3, 2022
Name Sausage Man
Version 13.19
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 836MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Update May 3, 2022 (2 months ago )

Built with action-themed gameplay. Come to the game Sausage Man Mod to participate in survival battles. Take place in an attractive battle royale style. The content of the game revolves around the competition of cartoon characters. Their shapes are uniquely designed, which are funny sausage characters. With funny and witty activities, very cute. The game is completely free to play. You can play anytime, anywhere, but need to be connected to the internet. Since the competition is other online players, they play as hot dog characters. Moreover, to enjoy the exciting survival battles. The game has added a lot of features. From the graphics system to the control mechanism. There are many more features waiting to be discovered.

Download Sausage Man Mod – Survival Battle Between Funny Sausage Characters

Sausage Man Mod’s battle royale-style survival battle is very interesting. With the participation of up to 100 players worldwide. They are funny hot dog characters who will compete on the vast battlefield. Based on open gameplay, with a variety of activities. In addition to the attack to destroy the opponent. You can also dance, sing and shoot at the bubbles. Or perform double jumps to dodge fierce attacks from enemies. Limit blood loss to increase survival. It is even possible to perform embarrassingly cute actions. For example, kiss, transform into a magical girl. Moreover, it is possible to chat with other players. Through the chat bubble icon talk and communicate with people.Sausage Man Mod

Collect equipment after landing

Similar to other battle royale games. Before starting the fight in Sausage Man Mod. You will get a passenger car equipped with a helicopter system. Fly in the vast sky to take to the arena. You can choose where to fall, then jump down. As soon as you are close to the ground, you will have to use flying tools to land safely. Then will have to immediately move to search for equipment. Guns, magazines, costumes, healing items, and backpacks. They appear at various locations in the arena. Quickly collect to use, protect yourself from other opponents. In each battle, you can use many different weapons. Choose the most modern and advanced weapons to fight. As well as using it in accordance with the situation will bring high efficiency.Sausage Man Mod

In real-time, the map is shrinking

The process of fighting to compete with other sausage opponents in Sausage Man Mod. The gameplay takes place in real-time. In the process, you can move freely to deploy an offensive strategy. Change weapons flexibly to fight in your own style. But be careful when using guns, because they have a limited number of bullets. Over time, the map will shrink by a circle of death. If you accidentally touch it, you will lose a large amount of blood. It will even quickly lose its life if it is not run in time. This causes the sausage characters to have a narrow range of activities. That means shooting wars take place more often. The battle lasts until the last person in the arena remains.Tai Sausage Man Mod

Diverse equipment system

Possess a diverse equipment system. Help you can use to increase the combat ability of the character. Including a rich gun system, support items, and unique costumes. Each type of equipment has many different options. For example, gun systems are divided into several categories. Includes bazookas, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and more. Or costumes like a maid, koi, and cyberpunk. After equipping the favorite outfit, not only increase the defense. Also helps the appearance of the sausage character to be changed, becoming more prominent. Likewise, you need to learn the guns. Because they have their own advantages and disadvantages. A thorough understanding of how guns work. Will help you make the most of it to be effective in battle.Download Sausage Man Mod

To be the last surviving sausage character in the battle of Sausage Man Mod. You need to improve your survival skills. Use guns flexibly, suitable for each situation. Combine agile observation, and reflexes to handle unexpected situations. At the same time move flexibly, effectively taking advantage of the terrain to hide. Dodge fierce attacks from opponents. Go through previous battles, and gain more experience. Raise your survivability to survive the battle of up to 100 players.

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