Sky Combat Mod APK 8.0 (Menu, Unlimited Missiles)
Sky Combat Mod APK 8.0 (Menu, Unlimited Missiles)

Sky Combat Mod APK 8.0 (Menu, Unlimited Missiles)

By HN - April 19, 2022
Name LMHMOD Sky Combat: Fighter
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Size 52MB
Version 8.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Missiles
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Update April 19, 2022 (8 months ago )

Sky Combat Mod opens extremely fierce air battles. Here, you play as a pilot to control the plane. Take part in the military war in the vast sky. Compete directly with other jets. They are controlled by online players, from many different countries. The game belongs to the genre of an active shooter, team style. Designed with real-time gameplay. Along with beautiful 3D graphics, the reproduction is very realistic. Moreover, the simulated console is very realistic. The developer has simulated the steering system of an aircraft. With nuances changed to suit combat operations. In particular, you will experience the game for free.

Download Sky Combat Mod – Control Airplanes To Join The Air Battle

You are ready to start entering the air battles in Sky Combat Mod. Based on open-play, online multiplayer. They fly their own jets. The competition is extremely fierce in real-time. Each battle is divided into two factions. After the time is over, based on the number of achievement points expressed by the number of enemy planes shot down. The team with the higher score wins. The members of that team will receive valuable loot. Includes money, gold, and military items. To be the winning team in the air battle. Your team must shoot down as many enemy planes as possible. At the same time limit being shot down by the enemy team to achieve better achievement points.Sky Combat Mod

Good coordination, individual skills

Sky Combat Mod’s air battle is extremely fierce and intense. To be able to win the match. Requires good coordination between you and your teammates. Deploy a strategy to attack effectively. Support each other in the process of fighting, against intense fire from the enemy. Furthermore, there is a need to constantly improve personal skills. Change the fighting style to suit the situation on the battlefield. Quick observation to detect the position of enemy aircraft. Combine reflexes to dodge when attacked by surprise. Especially need to improve attack skills. Because in the vast sky, enemy planes move continuously. In the shortest amount of time, it will have to be precisely aimed to fire. From there, it is possible to hit the target to destroy the enemy aircraft.Tai Sky Combat Mod

15 jets

Coming to Sky Combat Mod you will have the opportunity to explore 15 unique jets. They are all inspired by reality. Typically such as Hawker Hunter, Mig-19 PM, F-1018, Mig-21, F-104,… and many more. Each plane is designed very impressively. Their difference is reflected in the operating parameters. Including endurance, top-flight speed, fuel, and weight. To own a plane, you need to meet two requirements. It is to reach the corresponding level and need enough money. After owning a favorite plane. You can improve the attack system by unlocking the missile. With many different types, for example, Aim-40, R-60, K-13, R-550,… Similar to unlocking aircraft, missile systems also need to reach enough levels and money.Game Sky Combat Mod

Graphics, effects, and sounds

To recreate the most realistic air battles. The publisher has designed the graphics of the game Sky Combat Mod in 3D. Crisp, well-detailed image quality. Incorporate a third-person view from the rear. You can observe the movement of the entire jet. At the same time enjoy the beautiful environment in the big sky. Along with that, it is impossible not to mention the effect. Every time a rocket is launched to attack, the smoke effect behind is shown very realistically. Or when hitting enemy aircraft will create large explosions. Along with that, the sound system will be changed flexibly. Suitable for all activities that take place during combat. At the same time, the sound is simulated the engine sound of a jet aircraft.Download Sky Combat Mod

Sky Combat Mod opens up many different battle locations. Set in the vast sky. Recreate realistic environments, with impressive scenes. Each location is simulated with a unique atmosphere. With the actual change of weather conditions. For example, fighting in conditions of intense sunshine, heavy rain, and the appearance of lightning. Moreover, with the incorporation of 3D graphics. The environment that takes place in the air battles is reproduced very vividly.

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