Slash & Girl Mod APK 1.93.5052 (Unlimited Money)
Slash & Girl Mod APK 1.93.5052 (Unlimited Money)

Slash & Girl Mod APK 1.93.5052 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 25, 2022
Name LMHMOD Slash & Girl
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher RedFish Games
Size 64MB
Version 1.93.5052
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 25, 2022 (6 months ago )

Slash & Girl Mod is an endless running role-playing game combined with hack and slash elements. It gives you hundreds of levels to enjoy the speed and eye-catching action. In the role of Doris, you will hunt down the Jokers and his minions. But it’s not the classic turn-based battles but an endless journey on the run. Control your heroine wisely to overcome all obstacles and destroy enemies along the way. Don’t trip over the roadblocks, jump or fly over them. Moreover, you can slide, curl, and jump left or right. All operations are very smooth, inspiring to play for a long time without getting bored. Levels with escalating challenges will require constant progress. Upgrade your hot heroine with accessories and weapons.

Download Slash & Girl Mod – Endless running and slashing action

Get ready to be a cool and crazy girl in your running journey. It is an inspiring journey with the familiar but also new endless running gameplay. Not an ordinary obstacle course but combat. The eye-catching chopping and slashing screens will make you unable to ignore the screen. You can enjoy breathtaking action effects and vivid sounds. Moreover, the hot and personality heroine image will make you crazy. Not only the gameplay, but every other element of this game is also really impressive. The picture, sound, background, and more are all great. So, if you love a fresh running experience, this is the playground for you.


Enjoy the fun in the races

Basically, the game consists of a level system from easy to difficult. You will start at level one with simple challenges to get used to, and then gradually unlock new and more difficult challenges. However, if you want high difficulty from the beginning, you can customize the speed of each level. At each level, your mission is to defeat the minions of the enemy Jokers and go as far as you can. To do that, you will need to master the controls and the ability to react quickly. You can swipe left or right, jump, curl, and perform eye-catching hacks. Your enemies will be left or right, so finish them off your way.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But as you go into higher levels, the challenges will get you in trouble. You will encounter more and more powerful enemies. Therefore, you need to act quickly and accurately to create an advantage. Moreover, in some locations, you will have to encounter bosses. At that time, you will have to upgrade the hero and improve the attack and defense stats. Try to achieve a steady speed while protecting your HP. You will receive bonuses after each fierce encounter or every time you score a new record.


Design and upgrade heroes

Slash & Girl Mod gives you many cool things to design your hero. It includes beautiful outfits and accessories like pants, tops, shoes, earrings, armor, gloves, hats, and more. Customize them your way to create your own style for the heroine. These accessories not only accentuate her look but also help improve her base stats. So if you have enough money you can spend it to gain an advantage in the upcoming endless running levels.


Beautiful and impressive design

This is the most telling part of this game. It has described everything very perfectly from image, design, effects, motion, sound, and more. The heroine has an anime beauty that is both personality and mischievous, inspiring to role-play. Besides, she possesses beautiful action skills with her sword, delivering fiery and explosive battles on the run. The game context changes flexibly through each stage. It makes for an epic adventure on a 2D scene. In addition, lively musical melodies also contribute to creating irresistible heat. The endless running tracks are now filled with energy and music, it’s hard to say no.


If you love the novelty of Slash & Girl Mod, download the game now to your phone to test it out. It’s your journey with the heroic heroine with fun, inspiration, and more. It can make you addicted to the endless running with eye-catching slashes. It’s time to be adventurous and become a real female assassin. Conquer every run and defeat all enemies, can you do it?

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