Sonic Cat Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Money)
Sonic Cat Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

Sonic Cat Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - April 10, 2022
Name Sonic Cat
Version 1.7.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 98MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Mucsic
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Badsnowball Limited
Update April 10, 2022 (3 months ago )

Sonic Cat Mod is a great music game to relieve all stress. It has rather idle but inspiring gameplay, built on a vibrant music style and eye-catching color effects. Just choose your favorite song and then jump right into a music hack. Use a magic sword or hammer to slash square blocks as soon as it hits the circle. It’s as simple as that, but the difficulty of the game will increase with each level. Faster music speed, more obstacles, which can confuse you. Regarding music, it owns a huge music store with the hottest trending songs today on many platforms, especially Tiktok. You’ll find catchy remixes, plus hundreds of lighting effects that pop on the track. It’s quite fun and addictive, you won’t want to miss it.

Download Sonic Cat Mod – Exciting music challenges

The music game genre has been very popular for a long time but is increasingly new with many improvements. Sonic Cat is one of the outstanding music games, possessing a huge number of songs and simple but addictive gameplay. This game can be suitable for all gamers, including children. The gameplay revolves around only touches on the screen, but it has a strange attraction. Music automatically plays with the flow of obstacles from front to back. Any mistake interferes with the rhythm and you have to start over. Be careful with your fingers to not cut any obstacles on the track. It requires long practice as well as your musical ability. But if you are a new player, rest assured that there will be many options to try.


Huge music store, many levels to choose from

Music games can’t be without music, even if it has hundreds of different songs on many topics. You can find popular songs that are trending right now on many song charts. Just type the correct song name or search in the Hot, Main category to see it right away. Pick a favorite song, then click “Play” to jump right into the music run. There, immerse yourself in the tunes that come to life in your ears. But focus on your action, which is slashing the blocks as soon as they hit the circle on either side of the run.

If you miss an obstacle, you will have to stop and start over. If things are quite difficult, then you should choose the game level again. Sonic Cat has three options easy, medium to difficult. The higher the level, the faster the music speed, and the more obstacles. So if you are a new player, you should choose the easy level. And when you’re mature, you should choose a higher level to try out the vibrant music that is the essence of remix music. If you love a song, don’t forget to click the heart icon to add it to your “Favorite” collection. Whenever you want to play, just access it and immediately see your favorite song without having to search anymore.


Unlock new songs and skins

Not only stopping at more than 100 songs, Sonic Cat Mod continuously updates many new songs from time to time. So visit it often to look for the latest, trendiest songs. Play and accumulate stars to unlock premium songs or skins for cats and equipment.

In terms of character skins, you can choose new clothes or accessories like headphones. There will be pirate-themed, samurai-themed outfits, or festival-themed outfits like Christmas, New Year, etc. In addition, you can unlock slashing device styles like a rainbow lollipop, stick ancient swords, two glow sticks, and more. These devices will have different effects when you slash obstacles on the music track.


Eye-catching 2D graphics

What makes Sonic Cat most attractive is the graphics. It designs music tracks in the dark background, highlighting all the dramatic color effects, making it feel like playing music under the night sky. In addition, some songs include the original music video, allowing you to play and watch the video at the same time. Different levels have different backgrounds, plus vivid slashing effects from swords or glowing sticks. In general, everything is great.

If you are a music lover, why not try Sonic Cat Mod? Come here and conquer hundreds of hottest songs in a fun hack-and-slash style. Immerse yourself in the view of the night sky and enjoy the vibrant tunes. Play and earn points to unlock new music, add it to your favorite collection, and show it off to your friends. This is the time to play with music and test your hearing. Do not hesitate to miss the wonderful relaxing moments here.

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