Sonic Forces Mod APK 4.12.0 (Immortal, Infinite Rings)
Sonic Forces Mod APK 4.12.0 (Immortal, Infinite Rings)

Sonic Forces Mod APK 4.12.0 (Immortal, Infinite Rings)

By HN - November 21, 2022
Name LMHMOD Sonic Forces
Category Games
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SEGA
Size 42MB
Version 4.12.0
MOD Features Immortal, Infinite Rings
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Update November 21, 2022 (6 days ago )

Inspired by the movie Sonic The Hedgehog, developer SEGA has brought players the Sonic Forces Mod game. This is an adventure game genre, taking players to participate in exciting races. Role-playing as the character Sonic, you will compete with your friends in an exciting race. Overcome challenges, collect weapons on the way, and attack enemies who want to stand in your way. Everything will be done by you flexibly and smoothly. Collect gold rings as much as you can, to use them for many different jobs. Skill is the deciding factor in your victory or defeat, so try to hone your mastery skills. Participating in the fiery races, you also enjoy a lively space, along with many other outstanding locations.

Download Sonic Forces Mod – Speed ​​Race and Drama Competition

Stepping into Sonic Forces Mod you will be impersonated as a speed Sonic. However, the game has not only one Sonic, but also many different Sonic characters. For example Sonic the Dog, Rabbit or Hedgehog, Knuckles, … and many more Sonic. Each character will have an ability that is superior to the others. With special advantages, the character will help you win the exciting and exciting race. For example, the character Rabbit possesses a very fast speed and runs very smoothly. Or Bird with the ability to jump high will help you easily dodge obstacles. What’s more, you can learn each character before owning it. By choosing the character you want to see and reading the detailed information is described carefully.Sonic Forces Mod

Control characters and collect weapons

The race of Sonic Forces Mod takes place with a maximum of 4 characters. Once the race has started, you cannot stop. Here, the player will have to control his character to overcome obstacles on the road. By moving the character left or right, to avoid the obstacles ahead. Along with collecting weapons such as thunderbolts, fireballs, mines, and tornadoes. In the process of running on the track, there will be people who want to make it difficult and hinder you. Then use the collected weapons to attack them.

Use accumulated points and overcome obstacles

The accumulated points are gradually increased each time you pass a location. These points are very important, they are used for you to upgrade your characters such as increasing speed, costumes, and weapons. The higher the score, the more opportunities you will have to equip the character’s costumes. Or change the weapon, so that the character has a stronger attack ability. In addition, the obstacles in Sonic Forces Mod are a huge difficulty. They are located in many different positions, making you have to look closely and quickly dodge. Along with uneven roads, steep inclines, and dangerous turns. Requires players to react quickly to handle unexpected situations.Download Sonic Forces Mod

PvP mode, leaderboard

Through PvP mode, you will be competing with other online players. At that time, you will feel a race taking place extremely dramatic and tense. With your terrain sensitivity and skillful skills, you show off your opponents by leaving them far behind and reaching the finish line first. Besides, Sonic Forces Mod has a ranking of the characters with the highest score. If you also want to put your name on it, beat every opponent and win. This will not only help you gain the admiration of people but also receive many valuable rewards.Ear Sonic Forces Mod

The graphics of Sonic Forces Mod are a highlight with sharp images. Designed on a 3D platform, you will feel every detail and vivid gameplay. What’s more, the diverse context helps players explore many different locations. From the green forests, the ancient land to the city in the clouds, … and many other famous places. Giving players a sense of excitement, when exploring many different lands. With a lively space, with countless beautiful scenes delicately depicted. Will bring players an unforgettable experience. More specifically, the sound is full of exploration, and the background music is shown through each scene. Combined with vibrant melodies when collecting gold rings, increasing speed, are all realistically expressed.

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