Star Warfare Mod APK 2.99 (Free Purchase)
Star Warfare Mod APK 2.99 (Free Purchase)

Star Warfare Mod APK 2.99 (Free Purchase)

By TT - May 19, 2022
Name LMHMOD Star Warfare
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Freyr Games
Size 25MB
Version 2.99
MOD Features Free Purchase
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 19, 2022 (7 months ago )

Star Warfare Mod brings you to endless battle with alien monsters. It’s more difficult than you think when there are dozens of challenging game levels. You can become a hero of humanity or just an unknown in this war. But stay calm to face any war, you have support from many weapons, equipment, and online teammates. Single-player in endless battle or teamed up with others, which style is your favorite? Choose your favorite mode, then rampage on the battlefield however you choose. Move, attack, and enjoy breathtaking third-person combos. Constantly upgrade your hero with new powerful equipment and weapons, which is the basis for you to progress further. The alien war has officially begun, how about you?

Download Star Warfare Mod – Arcade gameplay with a modern fantasy setting

The theme of war with alien monsters is no longer just something on the screen. Now, you can be a part of it when you join Star Warfare. It gives you crazy challenges where you are a hero and have a mission to fight monsters from the universe. As a member of the galactic task force, you cannot stop when humanity’s peace is at stake.

Your enemies can be anything monstrous, like fire dinosaurs, legendary dragons, giant spiders, and even robots. But you have many ways to deal with them, with the skill and wisdom of the hero. This battle journey will go through many levels and on many different maps. Enjoy the modern third-person scene and the eye-catching combat effects.


Fight off alien monsters

The game offers more than 7 maps and 42 levels to explore. You will go from an amateur hero to a true galactic warrior as you progress through the levels. At each level, your mission is to kill monsters to complete the mission and unlock new levels. This journey goes on and on, but the challenge escalates, requiring the hero’s relentless progress. In particular, at certain levels, you can meet the Boss. Those are monsters of great size, high HP, and incredible stamina. You can play singles if you are confident. But the better way is to combine with teammates to fight together.

Besides, from time to time, find ways to upgrade heroes to improve combat ability. The game offers a variety of unique equipment, such as weapons, armor, and more. Your hero will have up to 4 slot bags to add equipment. Choose the right things from the collection, such as guns, ammo, support items, and recovery items … to enter the match with many advantages. The equipment will have up to 8 levels to upgrade, helping you to reach great power. Besides, about weapons, you will find many modern guns. They are the main weapon in Star Warfare Mod.


PvP mode is officially launched

Initially, the game only had a single-mode, allowing you to explore endless battles with a single hero. But later, it was updated with a new attractive mode, which is PvP mode. Therefore, you can now co-op with your friends online to join the wars together. In particular, this feature will be extremely useful to increase the winning rate in the Boss fight. The team mode rewards are also more attractive, helping you to gain valuable loot.

Specifically, in this mode, you can connect with 2 other players via the Internet. All 3 players will control the battles from a third-person perspective. Intuitive controls allow each player to enjoy the game in real-time. Simply move the hero with the joystick, and click the fire button to attack. The third perspective also helps gamers observe the entire battlefield and see every action of their allies. That will help you and your teammates interact with each other to cooperate.


Enjoy unique 3D graphics

The battles of the game become attractive thanks to the careful investment in graphics. It vividly depicts the modern battlefield scene and combat effects. The image of alien monsters is creative fantasy, while the hero image is also quite unique. The weapons, equipment, and items are also quite rich. The combat effects are indisputable. It brings a feeling of extreme excitement when immersed in the battle.


Star Warfare Mod will be an interesting game for you to enjoy the arcade action style. It is built in a modern fantasy setting, offering fascinating battles and mysterious adventure journeys. You can play single or co-op with friends. What’s better than fighting with the support of brothers, right?

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