Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod APK 1.9.2 (Free Shopping, No Skill CD)
Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod APK 1.9.2 (Free Shopping, No Skill CD)

Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod APK 1.9.2 (Free Shopping, No Skill CD)

By HN - April 7, 2022
Name Stickman Master: Shadow Legends
Version 1.9.2
MOD Features Free Shopping, No Skill CD
Size 108MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Update April 7, 2022 (3 months ago )

Role-play as a shadow warrior in Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod. Engage in fierce battles with dangerous creatures. The attack destroys them to protect innocent people. At the same time prevent their plot to invade the world. This is an offline action game. But if you want, you can also play the game in online mode. The gameplay follows the story of the invasion of monsters. Open up the battles according to each different level. Mixed action and RPG elements. Set in a space submerged in context. Where light cannot shine. The combination of graphics and skill effects is extremely eye-catching. With the warrior’s attack skills when used. Very impressive performance.

Download Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod – Battle With Monsters In The Dark World

The battles of Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod revolve around a bloody story. Darkness covers the whole world. Thousands of terrifying monsters emerge from a mysterious black door. They unleashed mass slaughter on the land of Wu. The fury of the creatures caused many people to lose their lives. Now, out of everyone’s despair, they hoped for a warrior to appear. Can repel monsters to their own world. Return the beautiful light to the land of Wu. Join the game, you play as a shadow warrior. The mission is to fight the dark forces to save the world. Simultaneously survive against fierce attacks from enemies. Only by destroying all of them can the quest be completed.Stickman Master Shadow Legends Mod

Story-based gameplay, increasing difficulty

Based on the plot of Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod. The gameplay takes place in ascending levels, incorporating real-time elements. Each level opens up an extremely fierce shadow battle. Divided into different stages. As a warrior, you will have to destroy all enemies. After completing the task will receive the corresponding reward. Regular money, experience points will be calculated according to the number of stars and completion time. Then can participate in the next battle. Face tougher challenges. Being fiercely attacked by large numbers of monsters. Their fighting ability was superior to before. At the same time appear many new enemies, with unique attack styles. You will even have to face a boss with terrifying power.Download Stickman Master Shadow Legends Mod

The tasks in each level, skill

In the level-by-level battle of Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod. Besides the mission of survival against scary monsters. You also have to perform many other tasks. Each level has its own set of requirements. For example in a level, to get the achievement with the maximum number of stars. You need to kill all enemies within 120 seconds max. At the same time, the remaining health after the end of the battle must be greater than 40 percent. From there you will achieve absolute success. To perform excellent duties in all wars. Your skill requirements must be flexible. Combines the warrior’s moves in possession. Create combos to make enemies quickly defeated. At the same time constantly improve skills to fight the boss in the final match.Game Stickman Master Shadow Legends Mod

Weapons and equipment

Coming to Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod you can fight in your own style. The weapon system includes a sword, bow, and hammer. Each weapon carries superior combat capabilities in its own way. For example, swords produce sharp slashes. Hammers can deliver powerful and decisive blows on enemies. Or use the bow to become a gunner, with the ability to attack at range. Along with that, you also need to equip the items. Typically such as helmets, costumes, rings, … help warriors improve their attack and defense capabilities. It is also possible to change the appearance. As the difficulty increases, gold coins and collected gems can be used. Upgrade weapons and equipment to increase the warrior’s strength stats.Stickman Master Shadow Legends Mod

Besides the story battles of Stickman Master: Shadow Legends Mod. You can also participate in PvP online mode. Test your fighting skills against other players. Through the fierce arena, take place extremely dramatically. Choose your weapon to attack with personal style. Equip the best items to increase combat power. Then enter the PvP match to compete. Use all the warrior’s moves, combine flexible control skills. Compete with opponents to find the ultimate winner. From there, there is also a chance to get on the leaderboard.

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