Street Racing 3D Mod APK 7.3.8 (Unlimited Money)
Street Racing 3D Mod APK 7.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Street Racing 3D Mod APK 7.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - April 29, 2022
Name Street Racing 3D
Version 7.3.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 83MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Ivy
Update April 29, 2022 (2 months ago )

The sportscar racing game is no longer strange to every player in the world. However, each racing game is built in a unique style. From gameplay, and content, to the mission system. Everything will bring a uniquely interesting experience for players. Coming to the game Street Racing 3D Mod with developer Ivy. You will become a real racer. Drive cars to participate in dramatic street races. Compete with other racers in many unique modes. Rise to the top to win against the remaining opponents. From there you can assert yourself. As well as aiming to become the champion of the tournament. To help you have the most authentic racing experience. The game also incorporates vivid HD graphics. Along with a diverse sound system.

Download Street Racing 3D Mod – Speed ​​Racing To Become Champion

Street Racing 3D Mod races take place in many tournaments. Each tournament opens up many different levels of play. In ascending order, each level opens in a separate location. There are beautiful landscapes, the terrain is designed with dangerous roads. Along with that are dangerous turns. At each racing level, the achievement is shown by the gold star. To get the best performance in a level, you will have to get 3 stars max. Complete each level in turn in a racing tournament. After winning, you will accumulate gold stars. When the conditions are met, the system will unlock a new race. The difficulty will gradually increase each time a new race is started. Will have to compete with more experienced and skilled riders. Make you encounter many difficulties during the race.Street Racing 3D Mod

Gameplay, rewards, driving skills

The gameplay of Street Racing 3D Mod takes place in real-time. Each race is divided into several laps. You will have to compete with 5 other riders, in a race of up to 6 people. The winner will have to reach the finish line with the lead. At the same time complete the race in the fastest time possible. Then will receive attractive rewards from the system. That is gold coins, the amount received will correspond to your ranking position after the race ends. The higher the ranking position, the bigger the bonus received. To achieve that requires your driving skills to be really flexible. Observe the track ahead to determine the correct direction. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously improve the experience. Improve your control skills to go further in the next racing tournament.Download Street Racing 3D Mod

Perform skill, use Nitro

During the car races at Street Racing 3D Mod. You can drive and perform a lot of different racing skills. Increase maximum speed to overcome opponents on straight tracks. Perform Drift skill every time you enter a turn so that the vehicle speed does not decrease much. But this will be risky if unfortunately colliding with the divider will create an opportunity for the opponent to pass. Along with that, you can use Nitro to increase the maximum speed quickly. Nitro is used for a certain period of time. Once used up, it will take time to recover. It is possible by collecting Nitro bottles that appear on the track. Or perform adventurous skills like rotating 360 degrees in the air. From there, it will help you quickly recover Nitro to continue using.Game Street Racing 3D Mod

Game mode

Street Racing 3D Mod has 2 different game modes. Includes career mode and PvP online racing mode. Each mode opens races according to its own gameplay. For career mode, you will race in levels. Compete with AI-driven racers. With the task of accumulating stars to discover new leagues. Besides, the PvP mode opens the online competitive race. Your opponents are players from many countries around the world. They possess excellent racing skills. Extensive experience in competitive races. You will have to compete with opponents to find the winner. From there will have the opportunity to be honored on the leaderboard. At the same time aiming to become the champion of PvP races.Tai Street Racing 3D Mod

Owning a diverse racing car system, with many different types to choose from. Each car in Street Racing 3D Mod is designed with an impressive design. Performance is shown by the amount of fuel consumed in an hour, and the level of handling. Maximum speed, acceleration time. At the same time, the vehicle system is divided into segments in ascending order. Starting from C, B, A to S. After a period of accumulation, when you have enough money, you can unlock your favorite racing car. Then it is possible to upgrade parts of the vehicle to increase its power. For example, upgrade the engine, transmission, Nitro, and brakes.

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