Super Mecha Champions Mod APK 1.0.13403 (Unlimited Money)
Super Mecha Champions Mod APK 1.0.13403 (Unlimited Money)

Super Mecha Champions Mod APK 1.0.13403 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - April 1, 2022
Name Super Mecha Champions
Version 1.0.13403
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 96MB
Requires Android 4.3
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher NetEase Games
Update April 1, 2022 (3 months ago )

If you are looking for an alternative to PUBG or Rule Of Survival then you have come to the right place. I have a great suggestion for you, which is Super Mecha Champions Mod. This game has similar gameplay to today’s popular online survival games. But it has many new points about the character system, skills, and graphic style. You can become one of the best warriors in the modern robot world. The guns are often replaced by powerful guns, plus the power from the skill set. As such, the matches in the game will be more intense than usual. But any player has his own advantages, making for well-balanced and engaging online battles. Get ready to join them, the fiery battleground has soon begun.

Download Super Mecha Champions Mod – Survival in the modern virtual world

Surely you are no stranger to online survival gameplay on a 100-player map. It is too familiar to fans of PUBG or Super Mecha Champions, a popular game from publisher NetEase Games. It is the perfect playground for you to show off your shooting skills and survival strategy. Do everything you can to defeat all opponents and become the last one standing on the map.

But this time, you will have a wide choice of characters and weapons. Not everyone is the same, as each character you own has its own strengths. Consider your opponent’s weaknesses and end them with your understanding. Move flexibly on the map, taking advantage of the terrain and the power of the modern robot form. This gameplay will keep you hooked for a long time.


The confrontation between many players

War of the game will consist of 100 players. They will be dropped onto a futuristic city map and must fight each other to survive. Initially, each person will own a normal gun to start the fight. But you need to move on the map to find better guns and many other necessary equipment and accessories. After a while, when the energy bar is full, your character can activate the robot form. Once there, it can fly, jump, and attack with tremendous power. But all players are like that, so the fight in the later stages is often much more fierce.

Each player needs to make good use of his or her advantages. You will have to flexibly combine movement and use of skills. At the same time, pay attention to your surroundings to avoid unexpected raids. And in a direct confrontation, defense is an important factor to protect your HP. If HP drops, you need to look for items that restore quickly before entering the next confrontation at any time. Don’t forget, the circle will continuously shrink over time. Plan loot and fight properly to get to the circle as soon as possible. Later, the circle will deal more damage.


Character system with unique skill sets

The character system is a new point, making Super Mecha Champions completely different from other survival games. Each robot warrior in this game has an impressive appearance and skill set. A beautiful girl who can transform into a super robot that can fly in the sky and has extraordinary powers. Or a sexy guy can be a robot guy with huge size and two super cool cannons.

All are superstars in the future world and you will discover them all yourself. You should get to know each warrior well to know their advantages and disadvantages. Some will be more offensive, while others will be defensive. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any character to explore their skill set. But because the strengths of the robots are often quite similar, strategy is an important factor to help you win over others.


High-end graphics, manga design style

If you love a design style that is realistic and close to real life, then Super Mecha Champions will surely disappoint you. Because it is described in a manga style, it is a bit modern and fantasy. The robot shapes are quite creative, while the game context is very lively and diverse with many beautiful scenes, buildings, vehicles, streets … Moreover, skill effects, motion are pretty smooth and eye-catching, and the sound is equally great.


Overall, Super Mecha Champions Mod is still a great option to try. It brings survival shooting gameplay but is reformed in a new direction. It promises to make you enjoy epic and colorful battles. Robots and advanced weapons that only appear in movies are now at your fingertips. Join the game and fight your way, your goal is to rank on the world leaderboard.

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