Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK 1.77 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)
Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK 1.77 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK 1.77 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

By TT - April 16, 2022
Name Tap Tap Breaking
Version 1.77
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Diamonds
Size 50M
Requires Android 4.1
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher ODAAT studio
Update April 16, 2022 (2 months ago )

Tap Tap Breaking Mod is a good game to relieve stress. It’s simple but addictive, just click, click and click to smash everything and score points. But you will go from the easiest things like pieces of wood, sticks, then much bigger and harder things like rocks, even a giant planet. The more you play, the harder it gets, but you can get stronger over time. From an amateur guy to the most powerful boxer on the planet, why not? Challenge dozens of difficulties and assert your name on the world rankings. Constantly upgrade the health, recovery, and smashing power for boxers. You can conquer hundreds of levels, and travel to distant planets to destroy things beyond imagination. Don’t hesitate, this game is now free to download and play. Moreover, you can also enjoy the free Mod version of the game here.

Download Tap Tap Breaking Mod – Break everything to prove your strength

Anyone who practices martial arts will know the demonstrations of strength by smashing wood with their bare hands. It is the theme of Tap Tap Breaking, a simple mobile simulation game. Although inspired by martial arts, the game has been enhanced many times. So you don’t just have a chance to show off by hitting wood, but maybe rocks, and other big things. You will not look like a martial artist but more like a superhero. Since the power you have will level up many times, even x3, x4 is trivial. Smash everything with your hand and score points, are you ready? Not only points, but you also have a chance to earn gold coins.


Practice, challenge and try unlimited mode

Currently, the game has 3 main modes, including practice, challenge, and Golden Bar. These three modes do not differ much in gameplay, mainly in terms of missions and bonuses. In practice mode, you can hone your skills and try out different types of objects. This is the premise for you to participate in challenging levels, where you have to beat continuously through many rounds to unlock the prize at level 10. Also, in the final model, you do the same thing. But for now, there is no limit to your strength. You will beat as fast as you can to earn a lot of money, which can later be used to upgrade and unlock.

Although exaggerated like a superman, your boxer has the same limitations as a normal person. You need to ensure him 2 factors, including strength and resilience. These two elements are visually represented on the screen (blue bar and purple bar). They need to be kept in balance to ensure the character’s ability to win. If you have strength, you can smash a lot of things. But if your health recovers, you will have to stop halfway to continue the next challenge. So consider upgrading both of these factors.


Upgrade continuously to be stronger

Every game levels up challenges for gamers to keep them entertained. Tap Tap Breaking Mod is no exception. The challenges for you will become more and more difficult by replacing harder and thicker objects. They are no longer thin, light pieces of wood, but can be a dragon ball, a stone, a giant planet in space like Mars. It’s scary to hear, but you can’t buy gloves or any other weapon to beat better.

So the only thing you should do is upgrade the stats for the character, namely healing, strength and speed. Greater power will help the boxer hit harder objects, recover faster, you can play continuously without interruption to rest. And as you increase your speed, you’ll be in a more aggressive state. Then, you can smash faster with any type of object, thereby earning even more money.


Simple but impressive graphics

We can’t ask for a high-end graphics platform for simple games like Tap Tap Breaking. But it is also designed with beautiful images, colorful backgrounds, vivid effects, and sounds. In terms of character design style, it is quite lovely and delicate. The smashing movements are also quite realistic thanks to the effects and sounds from the broken object. The game context also changes flexibly through the levels.

In summary, Tap Tap Breaking Mod is a pretty interesting option for entertainment. Playing this game in angry times is even more enjoyable because you can freely smash everything without anyone complaining. Test your hand’s strength with things like wood, stone, gems, and more. You cannot know your level of strength until you reach it. Upgrade endlessly to discover amazing power thresholds. And you can be the strongest boxer in the world.

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