The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod APK 10.0.2 (Unlimited Gold)
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod APK 10.0.2 (Unlimited Gold)

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod APK 10.0.2 (Unlimited Gold)

By TT - May 30, 2022
Name The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
Version 10.0.2
MOD Features Unlimited Gold
Size 54MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Home Net Games
Update May 30, 2022 (1 month ago )

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod is an action game inspired by the theme of pirates in the Caribbean. By joining the game, you will play the role of a captain and have a mission to build and develop your pirate team. You can drive large ships on the sea and participate in real naval battles. Control the ship with the rudder, aim, attack, defend, and more. You have full control of the ship as you like when the battles take place. After the wars, you continue to recruit new ships and captains, upgrading them with special weapons and skills. Do whatever it takes to become the great ocean ruler and treasure hunter. Moreover, you can compete with online opponents to earn promotion points. The goal of conquering the leaderboard will be the driving force for your battles.

Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod – The great war on the ocean

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pirate and dominating the ocean? This is the time to make your dreams come true. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a place for gamers to learn how to survive at sea, and at the same time become rich and powerful pirates. It offers a variety of missions, leading gamers into endless battles, adventures, and explorations. Besides, with a diverse collection of ships and weapons, the game makes it easy to customize and upgrade your strategy. On the ocean, you will encounter dozens of other warships. Defeat them at close range or at long range as long as you win. The reward for pirates is always gold coins, treasure, and dominion.


Explore a variety of unique quests

The game has two typical modes to explore, namely PvE and PvP. In the first mode, the game gives you a series of missions from smuggling, escorting, pirate attack, treasure hunt, and more. Each mission requires your skill and strategy to complete. Besides, you will play in a progression from easy to difficult. Start with simple tasks to get used to and then embark on a series of difficult challenges. In particular, in this mode, the game has built a well-organized storyline set in history. So the further you go, the more there is to discover and learn. You can unlock new locations and many interesting episodes along the length of history.

Meanwhile, in PvP mode, you will have the opportunity to compete with real players in great naval battles. The reward for the winning captain is of course much more attractive than in PvE mode. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to advance on the leaderboard to hunt for titles and many premium gifts. However, great rewards come with great challenges. Your opponents will make it difficult at first because they are players of the same level as you. To win, you need to master driving skills and have a smart strategy. Touch the rudder to control the ship’s direction, and use the scope and weapons appropriately. Moreover, upgrading is very important to gain an advantage.


Unlock and upgrade warships

Currently, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod has more than 20 different ship classes with 5 types of ammo. Each type of ship has its own stats for you to consider choosing and taking advantage of in certain situations. Besides, you can upgrade the ship with more than 30 levels. This way you will improve the default stats of your ship, which increases defense and attack. In addition, warships are indispensable for weapons. The game has many types of ammunition such as cannons, chain balls, bombs, double shot bullets, explosive barrels, fuel oil, and more. They will help you hit the target and deal great damage. Of course, you need to hit the target first.

Besides, you can unlock 20 different captains. Each captain also has his own skills, making an important contribution to the control of the ship. Senior captains will help improve the accuracy of shots, thereby gaining an advantage over opponents. So, unlock them all to form the best pirate crew ever. You will dominate them to conquer the majestic Caribbean Sea.


Meticulous and realistic design

Pirate games have always been about visuals, and this game is one of the best in this respect. You will see that it is invested with high-end 3D graphics, bringing images of battleships that are incredibly realistic. The Caribbean comes to life with waves, the sound of the wind, small islands, and more. The seascape with its day/night cycle further accentuates its beauty at different times of the day. And the combat effects are eye-catching.

There’s nothing to complain about The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod because it’s absolutely amazing. Join the game to enjoy ocean adventures. It is up to you to decide where you stand there, as an unknown or a much-admired ruler. Set up your fleet and search for the treasures hidden here.

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