The You Testament Mod APK 1.099 (Unlocked)
The You Testament Mod APK 1.099 (Unlocked)

The You Testament Mod APK 1.099 (Unlocked)

By HN - May 24, 2022
Name LMHMOD The You Testament: The 2D Coming
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher MDickie
Size 40MB
Version 1.099
MOD Features Unlocked
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 24, 2022 (6 months ago )

Explore stories of adventure in The You Testament Mod. The game is inspired by a religious theme. This is one of the topics that are considered sensitive by real people. Because it is related to the beliefs of many people around the world. Here, the content revolves around the adventures of Jesus. Through the journey, you will learn about people and historical stories. The content is based on true stories but does not place too much emphasis on history. In particular, you can write your own story according to your decisions in the game. Choose the next direction, and uncover the secrets. Everything will be unfolded in the adventure. Promises to open up an interesting religious belief experience.

Download The You Testament Mod – Adventure Around the Theme of Faith

Follow the developer’s guide to The You Testament Mod’s control system. Use the virtual joystick to move the character. Just touch, hold and swipe to navigate the character to move to locations. Besides, you need to learn carefully about other important control keys. They are used to perform actions like attack and run. Use items, throw or hold objects on hand. Zoom in and out, meditation mode. There are some other actions, to perform, need to read the instructions. Each action will be performed with a different joystick. Well organized, making it easy to get used to. But to apply flexibly will need to take a short period of time.The You Testament Mod

Explore many Bible stories

Come to The You Testament Mod to discover more than 50 Bible stories. Each story unfolds a fascinating adventure. The content takes place on many different topics for you to learn, related to beliefs. For example, earn some money to get Jesus out of prison. Pay taxes to the guardian to get a peaceful life. Or be nailed to a pole during the crucifixion with Jesus. Fight against the minions. Even had to go to the forest to hunt animals. There are many other stories that will be replayed. Do each activity in turn to complete the task. You will be an adventure to many different lands. Learn about the customs and beliefs of each region. As well as having the opportunity to meet and chat with many other religious figures.Game The You Testament Mod

Interact, change the story development

In the adventure to discover the Bible stories of The You Testament Mod. You can interact directly with the character. Make personal decisions and choices. At the same time that will change the course of the story in a different direction. For example, in the crucifixion with Jesus. You can choose to wait to die or find a way to escape. At that time, the development will be changed, opening a new story. Or when required to pay taxes. In the midst of joyful acceptance, it is possible to resist to oppose. Then will open a new situation for you to continue the adventure. During that process, be aware of the amount of blood in possession. Follow your every move. The amount of health will gradually decrease when the target attacks again. If the amount of blood is depleted, it will mean the loss of life.Tai The You Testament Mod

Create characters, explore areas

Before starting to learn about Bible stories in the game The You Testament Mod. You need to create a character. You can design your own style, through the options provided by the system. Customize hairstyle, eye color, and face, and choose your favorite outfit. Each customization has a lot of different options. Rely on your creativity in the design process. Can create a character with an outstanding appearance. As soon as the shaping process is completed. Will begin the adventure to discover the stories in the area. Includes Desert, Galilee, Ptolemy, Tomb,… and many more. Each area opens up its own context, with the appearance of many religious figures.Download The You Testament Mod

Although The You Testament Mod is graphically designed in 2D. The image reproduced is not too sharp. But also simulate a large space. With the surroundings, the scene is very realistic. Shaping of the characters in the game in the style of the followers. Shown through the clothes worn on the body. Combined with a third-person perspective, providing a realistic experience. Allows you to see all activities taking place. Along with each character’s actions during the adventure. When performing offensive or moving actions.

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