Turbo Stars Mod APK 1.8.12 (Unlimited Money)
Turbo Stars Mod APK 1.8.12 (Unlimited Money)

Turbo Stars Mod APK 1.8.12 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - April 26, 2022
Name Turbo Stars - Rival Racing
Version 1.8.12
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 47MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Update April 26, 2022 (2 months ago )

Enjoy the excitement in the racing game Turbo Stars Mod. This is a game inspired by the theme of skateboarding. Open exciting races between Stickman characters. The gameplay of the game takes place at each level. With bright built graphics. Vivid colors, sharp image quality. Along with that, you will enjoy the vibrant sound system. Mix the activities of Stickman characters during the race. More entertainment, with extremely fun races. Furthermore, the goal of the characters is to be the first to reach the finish line. Therefore, the competition is very intense. Without skill, you will have to see your opponent win. At the same time lose the opportunity to receive valuable rewards.

Download Turbo Stars Mod – Skateboarding Race Between Stickman Characters

Skateboarding races in Turbo Stars Mod take place according to each level of play. Each level opens a competitive race between Stickman characters. The race takes place within a certain distance. The first person to reach the finish line before the rest of the opponents will win. Also receive attractive rewards, including gold coins and red diamonds. The number of rewards received depends on individual achievements. Corresponds to the ranking position achieved. After finishing the race of a level play with the lead. You can start a race at the next level. The racing terrain will be changed, the distance needs to be traveled longer. At the same time, the skateboarding ability of the opponents in the new levels is superior to before.Turbo Stars Mod

Use support items

Throughout the course of the races of Turbo Stars Mod. You will skate on semi-circular terrains. Can attack other Stickman characters. By pressing to cause the opponent to have an accident. Or use support items on the way to attack. However, it is necessary to precisely move into the boosters to be able to use them. For example the sword icon, with the ability to rotate automatically around the character. Will cause opponents to be knocked off the track. Besides, collect magnet tools for direct use. With the ability to suck gold coins to increase the number of rewards received. At the same time, it is necessary to note the time of use of supporting items. Can only be used for a short period of time.Tai Turbo Stars Mod

The pitfalls, require skill

In the skateboard races of Turbo Stars Mod. You as well as other Stickman opponents will have to face a lot of obstacles. Those are traps that have the ability to slow down movement speed. Typically, the wooden panels blocking the road, appear in the tunnel. The puddles are slippery, causing the characters to lose control. Oil tanks, objects, and retaining walls. To overcome the obstacles, quickly move forward. Requires your skateboarding skills to be flexible and precise. Combine observation and quick reflexes to avoid pitfalls. At the same time take advantage of the terrain to create adventurous skateboarding actions. But still have to land safely to continue the race. For example, rotate 360 ​​degrees in the air.Game Turbo Stars Mod

Gold coin and red diamond reward

Based on the ranking position achieved in the race, after reaching the finish line. You will get valuable red diamonds. Along with the number of gold coins collected during skateboarding. Moreover, in some play levels of Turbo Stars Mod. You will enjoy the thrill of collecting gold coins. Not competing with any competitors. The only task is to skateboard to collect gold coins as much as possible. Besides, don’t forget to collect the keys. When you gather all three keys, you will receive a treasure chest. When opened, three keys will be used to unlock three random chests. There is a chance to get a lot of gold coins and a large number of red diamonds.Download Turbo Stars Mod

Go through each level in Turbo Stars Mod. You also have the opportunity to unlock new Stickman characters and skateboards. However, it will be necessary to accumulate through each level. When you reach 100% of accumulated points, you can unlock the lock. Each Stickman character has its own style. Shown in the color of the exterior. Similar to skateboards. Owning a new skateboard not only increases your experience. But it can also operate more stably, helping you compete with strong opponents. Achieve excellent achievements to receive valuable rewards.

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