War of Rafts Mod APK 0.28.23 (Unlimited Money)
War of Rafts Mod APK 0.28.23 (Unlimited Money)

War of Rafts Mod APK 0.28.23 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 26, 2022
Name War of Rafts
Version 0.28.23
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 39MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Update May 26, 2022 (1 month ago )

War of Rafts Mod is an attractive io strategy game with a simple and fun design. Its appearance contrasts with the fast-paced and hard-hitting strategy style. Therefore, do not think that you will easily conquer this game the first few times. Join the game, your task is to expand your territory by pairing rafts on the sea. You need to search for drifting rafts to strengthen your forces, fight against other forces, and survive. In multiplayer mode, you will have the opportunity to strategically compete with online gamers. And the rewards for the winners are treasures with bonuses, skins, and more. It only takes a few minutes for each match, so you can really play it all the time. Start a battle and test your strategy now. (The Toan)

Download War of Rafts Mod – Exciting battles on the ocean

If you love strategy games, don’t miss War of Rafts. It will keep you excited to play for hours because the gameplay is both fun and difficult. The game emphasizes strategy instead of the action thanks to skills. So simply tap the screen to play without learning how to control or fight at all. But to play well, you will need wisdom, cunning, and agility.

In the vast ocean, you have your boat and need to find a way to expand it further. It’s like a battle for survival on the big road in which whoever is outnumbered and has a larger territory wins. The main characters in this fight are stickmen that are distinguished by many colors. You will lead them to fight and scramble for territory, towards treasure and many trophies on the leaderboard.


Strengthen your forces to survive

Starting survival with a small piece of a raft, each player’s task is to expand his raft to increase his chances of survival. To do that, you need to move your raft skillfully to match the pieces of raft drifting in the sea. Along the way, you may encounter soldiers who need help. Go through them to pull more soldiers, making you stronger and stronger. However, keep in mind that all of your competitors need what you want, too. Therefore, they will not hesitate to fight and rob resources at sea. If you defeat them, you have the right to add their raft to yours. When you do, you will be bigger and of course significantly stronger.

Each player in the battle will have different colors. You have the right to choose your own color before starting the battle. The territory is what determines your strength, but it is not everything. On the territory, you need soldiers to guard to fight against the invasion of enemies from all sides. They can be ordinary stickmen or warriors who know how to use guns, cannons, planes, flamethrowers, and more. So you will need to upgrade the strength of these soldiers to keep your advantage on the ocean battlefield. Moreover, focus on moving and find smart rafting. Make sure all forces are distributed in all areas of the raft to guard.


Level up difficulty with PvP mode

If the regular mode in War of Rafts Mod bores you, don’t hesitate to rush into the PvP battlefield. That’s where you have to compete with dozens of online enemies from around the world. You will have the opportunity to compete and show your strategy to conquer all opponents, then score points for promotion. But it is not easy to win, because everyone has their own tricks. Moreover, you need to find the right raft of your color to match. It’s not as relaxing as when you join the battles in the classic mode anymore.

Intuitive interface

The control mechanism of the game is very simple, just touch the screen to move the raft and match. Every landscape is displayed visually on the screen, giving you a full view of the ocean battlefield and every opponent in the battle. Besides, the third-person perspective will help you enjoy the beauty of the ocean and a series of eye-catching combat effects. You can also zoom in or out of the screen to see what’s going on.


Simple, colorful graphics

With the characteristics of an io game, this game is designed with very simple graphics. The main characters are colorful stickman guys and square rafts floating on the ocean. What takes place in the game is simply shapes with many colors. But you can see the combat effects are quite cool, plus the sound is lively every time the war occurs. So, everything is quite good to inspire gaming in the long run.

What do you think about War of Rafts Mod? Is it an engaging strategy game or just a boring io game? Many players love this game because of the strategic element that is both attractive and fun. You can find that in exciting sea battles with AI or real players around the globe. Please experience it and rate this game according to your favorite level.

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