Zgirls 2: Last One Mod APK 1.0.58 (Menu, High Damage, High Speed)
Zgirls 2: Last One Mod APK 1.0.58 (Menu, High Damage, High Speed)

Zgirls 2: Last One Mod APK 1.0.58 (Menu, High Damage, High Speed)

By TT - April 21, 2022
Name LMHMOD Zgirls 2: Last One
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Blue Ultra Game Limited
Size 59MB
Version 1.0.58
MOD Features Menu, High Damage, High Speed
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Update April 21, 2022 (7 months ago )

Zgirls 2: Last One Mod is a survival game inspired by the post-apocalyptic setting and designed in an anime style. It will lead gamers on a challenging adventure to fight zombies and many other players to survive. You need to do everything to survive as long as possible, from building, searching for resources, crafting weapons and vehicles, fighting, and adventuring from place to place. The biggest fear is zombies, but hunger and thirst are equally scary. You can combine with others to play in groups, and find and share food and resources. But you can also take advantage of them, just for the sake of survival. Play according to your strategy and strive to be the last one standing. Are you ready to do it now?

Download Zgirls 2: Last One Mod – Survival style with anime design

This is probably the rare game that offers a combination of survival gameplay and anime graphic style. But it is this difference that makes it attractive and attracts many gamers of all ages. The principle of survival is still vividly described here, requiring every player involved to do their best to win. But instead of putting all online gamers on the playing field, the game will integrate a bloodthirsty zombie system. As such, your enemies are now more numerous, promising to create more challenges that keep you thinking strategically all the time. Besides, the anime style brings a bright and friendly image, reducing the violent element of the game. But it still retains the required appeal of a mobile survival genre.


Build, fight, and adventure

Survival is the most important, but how to survive? You join the game as a girl lost on a deserted island full of dangers around. Your mission is to survive and find your way back home. In that journey, you will have to go through tons of difficulties. Hunger and thirst come to you very quickly, requiring you to find food and water. But then you continue to be threatened by enemies, typically bloodthirsty zombies. So you will think about having to build shelters to hide and find resources to make weapons for combat. The challenges around give you many difficulties, thereby training your ability and fighting spirit like a hero.

If you want to build a shelter, you need to find the necessary resources and tools. You can find at the store different types of wood to create doors, partitions, beds, toilets, tables, chairs, and more. Besides, build a fence around the house to prevent zombies from entering. Daytime is usually safe, but they will come to you at night when their noses are most sensitive to the smell of raw blood. Furthermore, prepare your weapons, such as knives, sticks, and guns. These weapons will allow you to attack melee or from a distance.


Equipment, costumes, and vehicles

Even in the darkest of circumstances, Zgirls 2: Last One Mod still wants you to think about the aesthetic factor. Therefore, the game gives you a unique outfit system, including pants, tops, skirts, shoes, backpacks, and many other beautiful accessories. Save your gold coins to unlock them, making your heroine even more impressive. Besides, don’t forget to upgrade the character to increase the HP stats and tolerance of hunger and thirst, helping her better survive in harsh conditions.

In addition to the above, you can also find many interesting vehicles, such as motorbikes. To assemble them, you need to collect the necessary equipment and materials. The game will display a detailed list of ingredients for you to easily navigate your activities. Resources are available on the map, but of course, you need to find them and collect them. You can also combine with other players on the map to share resources. But be careful, everyone aims to be the sole survivor.


Explore the open map on realistic 3D graphics

The game world is meticulously built on 3D graphics. It vividly depicts the scenery on the deserted island, from trees, houses, resources, weapons, and more. Thanks to that, your adventures become more attractive than ever and never boring. Meanwhile, the character image with anime design style creates friendliness and closeness. The character’s movements are also very smooth, the sound is quite good with the catchy background music.


So Zgirls 2: Last One Mod can be a different and new survival game for you. Survival on 3D graphics with friendly anime design, why not? Play as a beautiful girl and try to survive to explore the open world and many valuable resources. Cooperate or compete with other players for personal purposes. Play your way and see which strategy makes the most sense for this survival.

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