Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod APK 1.2 (God Mode)
Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod APK 1.2 (God Mode)

Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod APK 1.2 (God Mode)

By HN - May 19, 2022
Name LMHMOD Zombie Deadly Rush FPS
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Coolscape Games
Size 62MB
Version 1.2
MOD Features God Mode
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 19, 2022 (7 months ago )

Enjoy Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod Shooting Game. This is a survival role-playing game. Incorporated action shooting elements. Take place fierce battles in a large arena. The gameplay follows an apocalyptic story. Recreated in the context of the collapse of human civilization. Your mission is to fight to survive and protect yourself against fierce attacks. The enemies in the game are the Zombies. They appeared after the world fell into a post-apocalyptic state. In parallel with that, based on the task system according to each level. You can play it completely for free in offline mode. In particular, the system provides many interesting features. Discover powerful guns. Get attractive rewards after completing the mission.

Download Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod – Fight against Zombies in the Survival War

Although Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod is an offline game. But publisher Coolscape Games used 3D graphics. Different from other similar-themed shooter genres. Instead of images that do not leave a deep impression on every player. Here, high-quality images are reproduced very realistically. Can be seen through the surroundings, and the context of the battle. Shape the zombies as they move or are destroyed. Combines a bleeding effect every time a bullet hits a zombie. In particular, the first-person perspective gives you the most realistic viewing angle. Along with the flexible movement of the character. Or every time the gun is changed, reloaded. Mixed sounds are changed to suit each activity taking place. Everything makes for a very impressive Zombie shooting experience.Download Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

Gun system

To fight the onslaught of zombies in the game Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod. Weapons are one of the very important factors. Used to make combat tools. Help you protect yourself, as well as actively attack the enemy. The game offers a diverse gun system. With many different types to be able to diversify fighting styles. There are several types of guns that appear in the game. Includes AK 47, MP5, KA 5C,… and many more. The difference between the guns is not only in their appearance. It is also shown through the technical parameters. Including size, accuracy, rate of fire, and damage. To exploit the full potential of the equipped gun. You need to learn about how they work. Examples of advantages and disadvantages in close-range operation.Ear Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

Gameplay, quests by level

In the first-person perspective of the game Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod. You will play as a lucky survivor to join the battle. Resist fierce attacks from zombies. Through the mission system according to the level of play. Kill a sufficient number of enemies at each level. Protect yourself and stay alive until the game is over. From there will receive a large number of bonuses. During the battle, you can equip 2 different types of guns. Can be used flexibly, changing to suit the situation. Kill the zombies to complete the mission. Continue the fight to a new level. Face a large number of Zombies with superior abilities. Even will have to fight against giant zombies. It is the leader of the zombies, possessing even more power than normal Zombies.Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

Skill, ammo count

To survive the fierce attacks of zombies in Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod. You need to come up with your own attack strategies. Even more difficult, when there are no teammates to support. Will have to survive alone, and do everything to be able to survive. Each fight lasts until you or all zombies are destroyed. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate experience to fight more abundantly. Improve your shooting skills to attack accurately every time you shoot. Along with that, it is necessary to note the number of bullets in each gun. Although ammunition is unlimited, it will need to be loaded when it runs out. Each reloads will take a short time to wait. At this point, based on the experience learned from previous battles. You can move to avoid being attacked by zombies.Game Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

The reward received after finishing the battles in Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod includes gold coins. It is also the main currency used for in-game transactions. Based on the difficulty of each Zombie combat mission. Excellent completion will help you get a large number of gold coins. Can be used to unlock favorite guns. Although the amount of money to own a personal gun collection is huge. But you absolutely can. Over time, going through fierce battles will accumulate a lot of money. At that time, it is also possible to upgrade the gun to increase the attack power.

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