Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod APK 1.0.830 (Unlimited Money, Immortal, Onehit)
Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod APK 1.0.830 (Unlimited Money, Immortal, Onehit)

Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod APK 1.0.830 (Unlimited Money, Immortal, Onehit)

By HN - May 2, 2022
Name Zombie Hunter D-Day: Offline Shooting Game
Version 1.0.830
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Immortality, One-hit
Size 255MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Clegames Inc.
Update May 2, 2022 (2 months ago )

Fight the ghastly zombies in the action game Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod. This is a shooting game. Designed to play offline. Make it easy for all players to experience right after downloading. With a host of unique features on offer, it’s no different from an online game. Promising to open exciting Zombie battles. The gameplay of the game follows an interesting story. Revolving around the theme of Zombie and an apocalyptic world. To recreate the Zombie war in the most realistic way. The game’s graphics have been used in 3D. The shape of zombies is extremely scary. Combined with a high-quality sound system. Along with that, you will discover a diverse arsenal, with many different types of guns.

Download Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod – Battle Against Zombie Attacks

The setting of Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod opens in a post-apocalyptic world. Before that, a virus strain of unknown origin appeared. They carry deadly pathogens. Infects humans at a very rapid rate. In a short time, almost all of humanity was infected by the virus. Those who are unlucky to be infected must quickly lose their lives. But they must not lie still, instead will turn into zombies. Then move everywhere to find life. Only attacking others to suck blood can make them stop. This puts the lucky survivors in danger. You are no exception, standing on the edge of doom. Only when fighting can you protect yourself, as well as survive in a world full of Zombies.Game Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod

Quests according to levels, rewards

The battle of Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod is held in levels. Each battle of a level is extremely intense. In the role of a lucky survivor, not infected with the virus. But will face attacks from scary zombies. Using the equipped gun, you will be entrenched in a house. The bloodthirsty will move through the door to attack. Your mission is to destroy all enemies to end the battle. From there will complete the mission of a playing level. Based on achievements during the battle. Shown by the number of points, the number of zombies killed, and the number of headshots. Through that will receive experience points to increase to new levels. Especially there will be a chance to receive a large number of bonuses.Download Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod

Difficulty increasing, confront the boss

Each level of play of Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod is divided into several stages. Each stage will have to stop a large number of Zombies. In the first-person perspective, you will have to shoot bullets to attack. Pass each stage in turn to complete a level. You can then continue to step to a new level to participate in the next battle. Based on each level in ascending order. The difficulty of the game will increase after each start of a new level. Not only the number of zombies will be greater than before. Their stamina is also increased. Furthermore, in several levels of play. You also have to deal with the appearance of boss Zombie. It possesses every power parameter that surpasses ordinary zombies. From the amount of blood to the stamina.Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod

Some notes, skill requirements

In the course of the Zombie battles of the game Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod. You need to pay attention to the number of bullets in the gun. They will decrease after each bullet attack. At the same time, it is possible to equip many different types of guns in a fight. Easily change weapons to diversify attack styles. In particular, it is impossible to move freely to run away or hide. Will have to stand still to face the waves of Zombie attacks from one side. To be able to survive, win in the end. Requires your gun skills to be really flexible. Reload bullets, and change agile guns to continuously attack. Especially to shoot accurately to shoot the headshot. From there it is possible to achieve high scores with the best performance.Ear Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod

Possesses a diverse weapon system, with a lot of different guns. Includes AKS-74U, P227, Thumper, Mossberg, Ragingbul,… and many more. Each gun in Zombie Hunter D-Day Mod is designed with an impressive design. Possess a unique attack style. Their strength is shown through the parameters. Includes power, rate of fire, reload time, and crit. To own a favorite gun. You need to use the money to buy. By accumulating bonuses received from battles. You can then unlock the desired guns.

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