Zoo 2: Animal Park Mod APK 1.76.0 (Unlimited Coins/Diamond)
Zoo 2: Animal Park Mod APK 1.76.0 (Unlimited Coins/Diamond)

Zoo 2: Animal Park Mod APK 1.76.0 (Unlimited Coins/Diamond)

By TT - April 6, 2022
Name Zoo 2: Animal Park
Version 1.76.0
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Diamond
Size 115MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher upjers GmbH
Update April 6, 2022 (3 months ago )

Enter the lively world of Zoo 2: Animal Park Mod and build the zoo of your dreams. You will be a zoo owner with a strong passion for wild animals. Turn your passion into an idle money-maker and attract other enthusiasts. Build different grounds for a variety of animals on land or in the sea, like deer, monkeys, chimpanzees, zebras, tigers, dolphins, and more. Besides, take your time to decorate the zoo with arrays of flowers, plants, and necessary structures such as toilets, eateries, etc. When everything is ready, you can run ads to attract tourists to the zoo. From there, you can attract idle cash flow from customers or even many other investors. Use it to upgrade your zoo continuously, towards building a healthy natural ecosystem.

Download Zoo 2: Animal Park Mod – Build and manage a fun zoo

If you are an animal lover or simply a gamer who likes simulation style, you should try Zoo 2: Animal Park. It is an experience that is both light and fun and meaningful for you to try your hand at managing the zoo of your dreams. Start from the smallest things to the bigger ones and constantly refresh your zoo with new animals and beautiful decorations. You will bring joy to everyone, especially children and animal lovers. Transforming unspoiled forests into healthy habitats for wildlife, turning a simple zoo into the most popular tourist hub. Can you do it?


Collect animals for your zoo

To build a zoo, you first need to collect different animals. The game gives you hundreds of animals of unique species. Not only terrestrial species such as tigers, chimpanzees, pandas, foxes, elephants, and giraffes but also aquatic species such as dolphins, seals, etc. Each type of animal will have its own characteristics in terms of biology. activities, habitat, food, and behavior. So, in order for them to grow and live safely, you need to ensure different factors when building a dedicated campus for them.

Consider suitable habitats including soil, grass, or seawater. In addition, you can add natural food sources such as fresh grass, dried neck, water, fish, meat, and more to suit each species. You need to pay extra attention to their health because sometimes, they can get sick. In general, you will be in charge of all the caregiving tasks for the animals in the zoo. But don’t worry because you will have support from a hard-working assistant. Just listen to her instructions and follow them, and you can build a real zoo with just taps on the screen.


Decorate the zoo and attract visitors

If you only focus on taking care of animals, you will not have enough money to expand the zoo as well as ensure a favorable living environment for them. So think of business in Zoo 2: Animal Park Mod. You can run advertising campaigns to attract visitors. But before that, let’s start decorating the zoo to make it eye-catching. You can unlock decorative objects such as benches, flower beds, trees, monuments, lakes, and ornamental plants… Just select your favorite items and drag them to place them anywhere you want.

In addition, after the zoo becomes famous, you can look for investors to expand your zoo. Please add more grounds to raise new animals to diversify the zoo’s ecosystem. Or add ornamental plants around the grounds to attract tourists of all ages. The more you expand, the richer you will become. But calculate reasonable investments and costs to balance revenue and profit, in order to achieve economic efficiency.


Friendly and lovely graphics

Everything in Zoo 2: Animal Park looks so lovely and close to us. The animal images are designed in a cartoon style but are quite realistic. The zoo background is very large and always full of bright colors, creating a sense of fun and relaxation when playing. Furthermore, during your game, you will listen to soothing and catchy tunes.

So there is no reason for you to miss Zoo 2: Animal Park Mod. It is a good, beautiful, and meaningful game for all gamers, including children. Come here and build the beautiful zoo with your fingers. Start from collecting animals, decorating, and attracting visitors from all over the world. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think, you can just play and relax.

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